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This site deals with my fascination with vintage baseball cards.

These pages show off the extras that I own. I am willing to part with any of these cards. Contact me if any of these cards catches your eye.

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I try to deal courteously and professionaly every time a collector makes a transaction with me. I have had loads and loads of satisfied buyers.
If you would like to see references, I would be happy to give them upon request.


I have tried carefully to grade these cards as accurately and honestly as I could using Beckett's grading guide.
If you obtain a card and you are not satisfied with the grading, merely return it.
I am a collector and know the feeling of wanting cards that measure up to one's strict standards,
but I think you will be very pleased with the quality and grading of these cards.
I Buy Vintage Cards

If you have some vintage cards that you would like to sell, contact me. I may be interested in buying them.

I am mostly interested in Topps Baseball Cards from 1952 - 1966, Bowman cards from 1948-1955, tobacco or candy cards from the early 1900's.
But I will consider any cards from the 60's or even some other cards that you may want to sell.

Baseball Star Cards
The cards that I have for sale are directly below.
Click on any player to see a scanned picture of that star's card.
Drop me an e-mail should you wish to acquire any of these beautiful cards!

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I have been getting hundreds of spam E-mails a day.
So I pasted a picture of my E-mail address rather than use a link to alleviate the spam E-mails.
I hope that you understand.

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Also click on the underlined set name.
This will take you to the list of all of the cards that I have from that set.

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Hall of Fame Rookie Cards

Each of these cards were autographed directly in front of me at various card shows in Chantilly, VA.
I guarantee each autograph to be authentic.
Autographed Rookie Cards
My Year # Player Team Price ====================================================================== 1961 417 Juan Marichal RC Giants $ 265.00

1960 Baseball Tickets and Wax Pack
1960 Baseball Tickets and Wax Pack My Year Item Price ====================================================================== 1960 Topps Wax Pack 375 1960 World Series - Game 7 Ticket 375 1960 World Series - Game 2 Ticket 65 1960 Season Ticket Booklet 1,200
Matted & Framed 1910-1911 M101-2 Sporting News Supplements - Not For Sale at this time
1910-1911 M101-2 Sporting News Supplements My Year Item Price ====================================================================== 1911 Shoeless Joe Jackson 1911 Smoky Joe Wood
1960 Topps Baseball Cards
1960 Topps Baseball My # Player Team Price ====================================================================== 326 Bob Clemente Pirates 200.00 453 Vern Law Pirates 12.00
1963 Topps Baseball Cards
1963 Topps Baseball My # Player Team Price ====================================================================== 18 Brgs/Clemente/Sknr Pirates $ 55.00
1971 Topps Baseball Cards
1971 Topps Baseball My # Player Team Price ====================================================================== 630 Roberto Clemente Pirates 30.00
1984 Topps Baseball Cards
1984 Topps Baseball My # Player Team Price ====================================================================== 350 George Foster (Auto) Mets 12.00